Gardaí and Guns

Updated 05th Dec 2018

The Gardaí are gradually becoming more and more armed. It doesn't matter how well trained Gardaí are, they are still ordinary people like the rest of us. They will enevitably make bad decisions, they will be careless and they will kill people who don't deserve to die.

Shootings where only the Gardaí have guns

Garda executes Mark Hennessy for taking out a knife - journal.ie
- Not only did Mark Hennessy not have a firearm but he was also sitting in his car when the Garda shot him - irishexaminer.com. I'm guessing the highly trained Garda's finger slipped with the stress of the situation.

Garda shoots one man and his dog - extra.ie
- Garda has handgun unholstered and confronts man with large dog. Dog bites onto Garda's tie and Garda shoots the dog dead. Bullet continues on into the leg of man. The man does not die from the wound. The highly trained Garda is the only one visible with a lethal weapon drawn.

Gardaí misplacing their guns

Submachine gun belonging to a Garda found lying on a city street - journal.ie. I'm guessing the highly trained Garda left the duffel bag with the automatic weapon on the roof of his car while he was digging out his car keys.